Every successful "collection" lawsuit is actually a combination of two smaller suits. The first suit requires a successful Court judgment; this typically consists of both the Creditor (you) and Debtor (them) presenting arguments before a judge or magistrate. Upon a judgment in the Creditor’s favor in the first suit, the second suit begins. The second suit pertains to the Creditor’s ability to collect the money awarded in the first case. Troon Law Group, LLC primarily represents Creditors by helping Creditors assert their rights in both stages of the collections process. We vigorously pursue debts and work to collect to the full extent of the law. We are both capable and prepared to employ the necessary skill to handle collections claims.

Business Collections:

At Troon Law Group, LLC we believe that businesses are New Mexico’s backbone. We know that you work hard to provide goods and services to the community and believe that you deserve to collect "fair value" for your work.

Community Associations:

We work with Homeowner’s Associations, Condominium Associations, and other similar entities to enforce judgments against delinquent residents and tenants.