We handle two different types of real property cases:
(1) Assisting sellers in Protesting Property Tax Assessments; and
(2) Eminent domain and zoning cases.

Tax Protest:

Once the county assessor sends out an annual "Notice of Valuation", a property owner usually has just thirty days (30) to initiate a tax protest. Perhaps you feel that your tax burden is unreasonably high...we can help you with this process and work with local authorities to ensure that your tax burden is no higher than it has to be. Each year, county assessors habitually overassess properties and unjustly tax individuals. If you believe that you are paying an unfair amount of property tax, Contact Us for more information.

Eminent Domain and Zoning:

Owning property is the essence of the “American Dream.” Everyone from Dave Ramsey to a 2013 Harvard University study state that property ownership is an effective means of building wealth. You currently own the property, you built wealth through ownership, and now the Government wants to take what you’ve worked so hard to build.

Both state and federal governments habitually “condemn” property in order to effectuate “public uses.” While you can almost never prevent the Government (or other “condemning authorities” like utility companies) from taking your property, you can ensure that the Government gives you all the money you are entitled to when they do so. Time is of the essence in these cases—the longer you wait to assert your rights and advocate for your position against the Government/Condemning Authority the less likely it is that you will receive fair compensation for your property. Contact us and we can vigorously advocate for your position.