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We assist creditors in asserting their rights in both consumer and commercial matters throughout New Mexico. Troon Law Group, LLC is experienced in enforcing judgments and protecting providers, venders, and lenders. Unlike many other collections lawyers and agencies, we combine legal acumen with sophisiticated technological solutions to effecively collect debts for Clients.

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Our team is experienced in real estate litigation. Our areas of competence include tax protests (protesting the county assessor's annual tax assessment) and eminent domain (including zoning and constructive eviction issues). We can help you get every dollar you are entitled to.

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Are you or your business paying too much property tax? Get ready for McKinley County’s upcoming annual property tax assessments.

McKinley County will be sending out their tax assessments soon...and you typically only have 30 days after the notice is sent to protest your tax assessment.  Contact us today and we can begin researching your case.

December 20, 2019

“I have a collectable debt. How long will it take for my company to get paid?”

The short answer is: “it depends.”

November 22, 2019