Legal Decision Making Authority

Legal Decision-Making Authority (Custody) is at the heart of every family law case. The most important decision for a Court to make is which parent gets to make the legal decisions affecting your Child's healthcare and education. Once the Court decides who gets to make legal decisions, it will then decide how much parenting time each party will get.

Parenting Time

Parenting Time (Visitation) is the schedule the Parents create and follow that determines how much time each parent will spend with the Child. When the Parents can't come to an agreement, the Court decides the parenting time schedule. In Arizona, by default, both parents are entitled to equal parenting time, subject to certain limited exceptions. Nonetheless, the Court makes "best interests" determinations based on their findings in each case based on the evidence provided to them.

Child Support

Child Support is calculated by using a calculator created by the Arizona State Legislature. The Arizona Child Support "Guidelines" Calculator factors in many variables including: the amount of parenting time each parent has, each parent's income, which parent is paying for healthcare, and certain other incidentals. By default, most parties use the Guidelines Calculator, however, there are some limited excpetions in which the parties (or the Court) may choose to deviate.